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Official Agents of Mercury Instruments LLC and RMG Group for Southern Africa
RMG has an enviable reputation as a ‘world leader’ in the design and manufacture of Gas Control, Measurement and Analysing Equipment. This has been achieved by combining over 200 years experience and expertise leading to an unmatched knowledge in the Gas Industry. It is because of these reasons that a large majority of Gas Utilities and Customers have quickly identified the advantages of specifying RMG Group product as their standard for domestic, industrial and commercial markets – guaranteeing long lasting reliability, quality and service.
Mercury Instruments started as an industrial thermometer manufacturer in 1950. Mercury Instruments developed expertise in precision temperature measurement and in the mid-1960s, the company focused on the natural gas industry. For forty years the company grew in both sales and reputation and in 2007 Mercury Instruments was acquired by the RMG GROUP, a global leader in natural gas measurement technology.. In 2009, the RMG GROUP was acquired by Honeywell, a global leader in process automation which shares Mercury Instruments’ passion for excellence in products and services. Today most natural gas utilities in he world uses Mercury Instruments products.

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